Kill Your Darlings ATL, a community for writers

“In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” — William Faulkner

Founded June 2010, Kill Your Darlings ATL aspires to offer a community for writers in Atlanta where they may participate in peer edits and workshops, open mics and literary events, conversations and camaraderie, and encourage each other to pursue our writing, while making friends and building a community.

Open and free to the public, we meet every two weeks to workshop pieces, but also book and promote writers, along with literary readings and events around town.

Workshops usually comprise of 10-15 writers, with about four to five hardcopy pieces workshopped and discussed. Material ranges from poetry, essays, news editorials, music journalism, short stories and/or a chapter from a novel.

There are close to 50 local writers who participate or are involved with Kill Your Darlings ATL, including some published and non-published. Of those published, their work has appeared in Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University, CBS Radio, CommonCreative ATL, Creative Loafing Atlanta, Everyday Genius, The Fanzine, Kill Author, LA Weekly, Loose Change Magazine, and skirt! Magazine, among others.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Bookish Bouts
Creative Loafing – “Roll the Dice” Tomorrow Night at WonderRoot
Creative Loafing – GO! and Five Things To Do
Culture Mob – Atlanta Literary Event, A Night of Literary Heresy
Loose Change Magazine – Bad Bitches, presented by Kill Your Darlings ATL
Scoutmob – What To Do This Weekend, October 14-17: Weekend Finds
Scoutmob – What To Do This Weekend, August 19-21: We Don’t Want To Miss
Thrillist – Roll the Dice: A Night of Literary Heresy

Past Events

10.15.11 – “Seven Deadly Sins” presented by Kill Your Darlings ATL and Hyde at Melvin Gallery
09.03.11 – Decatur Book Festival with Free Poems On Demand
08.20.11 – “Bad Bitches” presented by Kill Your Darlings ATL at CouchCouch
01.28.11 – “2929 Art Music Fun” at The Pen
01.25.11 – “A DIY 4th Tuesday!” at WonderRoot
12.16.10 – “Roll the Dice: A Night of Literary Heresy” presented by Kill Your Darlings ATL at WonderRoot

Past Event Sponsors

Blue Square Press
Creative Loafing
Free Poems On Demand
Loose Change Magazine
Safety Third Enterprises

General Stats

Over 2,000 pageviews monthly
100+ newsletter recipients
Approx. 400 Facebook followers
Approx. 250 Twitter followers
Approx. 120 attendees per event