Photo by Ryan James

Photo by Ryan James

Published in the March 1, 2012 issue of Creative Loafing Atlanta.

In exactly two weeks, downtown Atlanta’s Sheraton Hotel will serve as a playground for Furry Weekend 2012, a convention with more than 1,500 registered guests who identify as furries.

Furrydom is a subculture composed of fans of fictional animal characters with human personalities and characteristics (think: Beauty and the Beast, Avatar, Catwoman).

But while registered Furry Weekend guests will share each other’s anthropomorphic interests through art exhibits, storytelling, and dance, as well as improv and sketch comedy, furrydom is a culture more largely regarded by the mainstream as a weird fetish where people dress up as animals and have sex with each other — and not just sex, but orgy sex.

“I went to my first convention expecting to be invaded with sex,” says Lionel of Lion of the Sun Productions, an Atlanta-based furry costume maker and self-identified furry. “The truth of the matter is,” he continues, “it was actually quite benign and tame. People talking, making arts and crafts, discussing artwork.”

Since the convention started in 2004, it is common for nonfurries to drink mai tais at neighboring Furry Weekend tiki bar Trader Vic’s, where a person can overhear statements such as “How do they put on condoms?” and “This is so weird.”

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