Published Dec. 11, 2013 on Thought Catalog.

“I’m not really the scented envelope kind of girl, preferring instead to send yellow Jiffy-lite mailers packed with whatever song is on my mind.” 
— Sarah Vowell


Things were different before the Internet—obvi, but I don’t mean it like that. I’m not talking about emojis or thepiratebay or FaceTime or sexting. Actually, I *am* talking about all those things and so much more.

Do you remember love before the Internet? Some of you may not remember. Either you’re too young or maybe you’ve smoked the memories away. It’s hard to remember sometimes. I admit, I’ve forgotten some of it. Alright, most of it. Technology changed—advanced, some would say—and we along with it. There was a time, before Facebook completed world domination, a time before Pandora and Spotify and FaceTime and Google Hangout, when we spoke to each other in a completely different language. It was a time when the language was love, the actions were of effort, and we communicated via phone calls and snail mail and mixtapes and mix CDs.

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